Tomás Anjos Barão

Tomás Anjos Barão

Communication designer, activist and volunteeer from Portugal.

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Some things that get me out of bed

Some things that get me out of bed

A library of references in permanent construction, and probabily already out of date. Many of the descriptions are not yet translated to english, for which I apologize.



Shows, companies and venues

© Vera Marmelo

100% Lisbon, by Rimini Protokoll

Data visualization... with people on a stage. At a moment when the internet traps us in echo chambers and we only listen to those with whom we agree, this show helps us understand that not everyone thinks like us. At Culturgest

Source: [Colectivo 84's Facebook](

The Constitution, by Mickael de Oliveira

The job of actresses and actors is to put themselves on others' shoes. That's why these four are locked in a gym, with the task of writing the new Constitution of their country from scratch. Which should be the basic law of everything?

Source: [Almeida Theatre](

The Writer, by Ella Hickson (🇬🇧)

A young woman goes to the theatre reapeatedly, in an honest and militant quest for the salvation of the world's problems. Instead of that, she only finds clichés, sexism and falsehood. She seriously wants to change the world, but how? A manifesto on the importance of theatre.

© Pedro Macedo / Framed Photos

Catarina and the beauty of killing fascists, by Tiago Rodrigues (🇵🇹)

On the year 2028 in Portugal a family keeps the tradition of killing fascists as a rite of passage. But when the time arrives for Catarina to do it, she is assaulted by doubt. A cathartic play for thinking about XXIst century fascism and how we can erradicate it. More information

Hotel Europa

André Amálio did and recorded many interviews with different people on portuguese colonialism. Then, with other actors, he created three pieces of documental theatre which have been shattering the mainstream narrative all around the country. New content, new form.

Maria Matos Municipal Theatre (2009–2018)

It brought to Lisbon, from the world, the most cutting-edge shows and the philosophers we wanted to hear. It published some brochures with nothing more than text, for reading and thinking. It brought us music unlike anything else we heard before, and it interacted with the neighbours around. It was my airport to the world. See the programming archive